Tribal Government

Tribal Council

The Santa Rosa Tribal Council consists of 7 Tribal Members who are elected by the general membership to Tribal Council for two year term. The Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and 5 Tribal Council members are elected by a majority vote of the general membership. The positions for Tribal Secretary and Tribal Treasure are appointed by the Tribal Chairman.


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Tribal Administration

The Santa Rosa Tribal Administration Offices are located on the Santa Rosa Reservation. The Tribal Administration Office is open Monday–Friday from 8:00 AM–4:00 PM. Tribal Administration provides general administrative services for the Reservation, including grant administration, Tribal Member services, and other general inquiries.

Environmental Department

The Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians established the Environmental Department in 2000 with the intention of protecting the various resources that have allowed life to flourish on the Reservation from time beginning. These resources include water, land, soil, rocks, forests (vegetation), plants, animals and minerals.