Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

The Soboba Tribal TANF Program (STTP) mission is to assist American Indian families and future generations to reach their fullest potential in securing economic stability while encouraging wellness in the family. STTP strives to provide welfare related services to all eligible Native American families who meet all STTP requirements in an equitable and fair method according to custom and tradition.


Tribal TANF is a federal and state funded program that provides time-limited assistance to needy families with children in an effort for those children to be cared for in their homes or in the homes of relatives. The Tribal TANF program was created by Native Americans to provide cash aid assistance and supportive services to meet the specific needs of Native American families. Tribal TANF is designed with the flexibility to address and focus on a variety of cultural and traditional needs.

TANF COVID-19 MEMO 04/30/2020

Santa Rosa Site
Location: 65200 Highway 74, Mountain Center, CA 92561

Phone Number: (951) 487-7737

Angelina Perez
Administrative Assistant

Angela Diaz
Regional Assistant Manager

Alexis Sandera-Alto
Case Worker

Xochiquetzal Amador Smith
Activities Coordinator

Hours of Operations