Alyssa Lauture


Alyssa Gray was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She is the great granddaughter of Virginia Scribner, the granddaughter of Lucille Littlelite and the daughter of Paul Gray.

When Alyssa was a child and would come to visit her family, who lived on the reservation she always knew the reservation was home and would often express to her family “one day I am moving here”. She was always interested in the tribal politics and would spend hours reading the minutes from the general council meetings that where sent even as a teenager. Being an active part of the Santa Rosa tribal government goes back generations in her family and she feels it’s her duty to take part as well. Finally, in October of 2017 she left Arizona and decided it was time to do her part.

Alyssa attended and graduated from West Wood High school in Mesa, AZ in 2008, went on to receive her Associates in Arts from South Mountain Community College in Phoenix in 2010 and her Bachelors in Psychology from Grand Canyon University in 2015. Alyssa is a member of various committees such as Personal and Community Events as well as the Pit Stop Board. Adding tribal Council to that list was only a dream that has now become real.

Alyssa is passionate about learning the customs and traditions of the Santa Rosa people and has dedicate her life to helping in any capacity towards the growth of her tribe and all of its people.