Steven Estrada

Steven Estrada


Raised at Séwya (original place name for Santa Rosa) Steven began attending tribal meetings before he turned 18 so he could observe how tribal government functioned. His grandmother (from Cahuilla Reservation) was a traditionalist and always involved with cultural activities and tribal issues. This sparked his interest at a young age, especially when learning about plant usage for basket weaving.

He feels every tribal member should see all issues as important and realize that what external decisions are made—either by state or federal officials—can greatly affect all tribes nationwide. As sovereign governments, tribes should exercise their rights to self-governance and self-determination. He is passionate about tribal matters, especially cultural preservation, being actively involved in traditional activities and practices. 

Steven was first elected to Tribal Council in 2007 and has since served consecutive terms. He is now beginning his third term as Chairman, having previously served in roles as Councilmember, Secretary, and Vice Chairman. Working along with the rest of Tribal Council and being supported by the General Membership, the Tribe has been successful in bringing much-needed programs to the reservation and expanding economic development opportunities—building a stronger tribal government for its entire community.

Steven holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Riverside and is currently pursuing dual graduate degrees at the University of La Verne.